Have a PBX which has gone a bit rusty? We can help you to replace it with an up to date alternative. Internet telephony (VoIP) is a more flexible, richer and cheaper alternative.

Do you want to chat to your colleagues, see their presence, talk, share desktop and whiteboard? We can offer you a suitable Unified Communications solution. If you run a Microsoft shop, you need Microsoft Lync. MS Lync is a fast-growing disruptive follow-on from Microsoft OCS. It provides all the same multi-channel intraoffice communication as its predecessor, with the addition of fully developed enterprise voice solution and Skype access. Lync competes with established Internet Telephony (VoIP) providers such as Cisco and Avaya, with the edge of being well integrated in the Microsoft Office stack, SharePoint server and MS Exchange, and also being able to federate with Skype. MS Lync has multiple integration points with a set of APIs and, with some development effort, can be seamlessly integrated into your bespoke ERP and CRM systems. Both the server and the client software are extendible and adaptable. We have vast experience in exercising these APIs to the best effect.

If you prefer open software free of licensing costs, we can offer to design, install and maintain a de-facto standard Asterisk VoIP system. There are multiple choices to make, and we can help you navigate between these choices and map the functionality to your business needs.